Cake Smash and Milestones

What is more fun than watching your baby turn one and dive into a cake for the first time? Seeing their facial expressions as the react to the taste of icing, laughing as they smash the cake and try to grab as much they can in their hands and stuff it all into their mouth, it's such a priceless memory, so why not book a cake smash studio session to capture the moment forever. When you book a Cake Smash session with me you bring the cake and I will clean the mess! We have different packages available to choose from, take a look. 

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Basic Cake Smash 

In the basic package you get to pick from any one of our solid coloured backdrops. We spend 20 minutes together getting pictures of your child smashing the cake you provided and I take care of the mess afterwards. In this package you get your choice of 6 images fully edited as a digital download. 

Cost: $80


One, two, three and four you want to capture even more, each year they grow so quickly! Book your milestone sessions to remember them at those ages forever. We spend 20 minutes getting images of your little loved one, whether they are still tiny and haven't learned to sit yet, so we get  them on their back playing with their toes, or laying on their tummy looking up at the camera. Pictures of them sitting so proudly or when they learn to stand. You can capture all these developments in timeless pictures to look back on and cherish! You can select from any of our backdrops and we have props available for you to use as well. In this session you get 6 images captured as a digital download and fully edited. 

Cost: $80

Deluxe Cake Smash
Extreme Cake Smash

In the deluxe package you get to pick from any one of our solid or printed backdrops. You also get access to a variety of props to include in your session. In this session you will receive 10 images of your choice fully edited as a digital download. 

Cost: $100

In our extreme package you have access to all of our props and decor. In addition to that you will have your choice of up to 2 backdrops, either printed or solid colour. In addition to the cake smash you get one milestone session which has a value of $80. In this session you get your choice of 15 images to be fully edited as a digital download. As always, you bring the cake and I clean up the mess.

Cost: $140 


Splash and Bubbles

Now that your child is covered in cake they have to get cleaned up. We have created a really fun way to do this with our splash and bubbles add-on. This can only be added to the Deluxe and Extreme packages. You get a 20 minute session where your child gets to splash around and play in our steel tub with rubber duckies, bubbles and fun! You get your choice of 12 images in this add-on session fully edited. See our samples below. 

Cost: $80

Milestone Board

We are always looking for ways to add value to our services. These milestone boards are one of them. Get a completely customizable milestone board where you can include the your child's name, how many teeth, interests, first steps,  favourite foods, things that make them laugh and things you don't want to forget about them at this milestone age. The best part is, you get to keep the board! Choose the colour scheme and theme of your board. 

Cost $80

Additional Images

As always you can get some or all of the images captured in any of our sessions. 

Cost: $10 to add additional images

Cost: $80 for each group of 10 extra images